New Orleans 2nd Line Brass Band Scores

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*Small to mid-sized ensembles (5-9 pieces including percussion)

*New Orleans 2nd line rhythms that also have elements of be-bop, zydeco, blues, Latin clave (both son and rumba claves), Bamboula rhythm, simple syncopations,

*Grade levels 3 to 5 and up,

*Solos for all instruments
*In major and minor keys

*Tempos ranging from quarter note  = 120   to half note = 108

*All composed by Ric Frank

About the Composer

A member of the NY Blues Hall of Fame, Ric Frank has been going to New Orleans to research, study, and perform since 2003.

He has performed with Rebirth Brass Band, Treme Brass Band, Hot 8 Brass Band, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Joe Lastie, Kevin Louis, Danny Rubio, Alan Kamen, and The Wild Magnolias. Ric has studied New Orleans music and culture with Dr. Michael White, Evan Christopher, Joe Toregano, Tim Laughlin, Gregory Agid, Kirk Joseph, Benny Jones, Roderick Paulin, Charles Joseph, in addition to doing extensive research on Jelly Roll Morton at the Hogan Jazz Archives at Tulane University.

Ric has also been to Cuba studying percussion in order to complete the connection between Cuba and New Orleans that Jelly Roll called “the Latin Tinge”.


New Orleans 2nd Line Brass Band Scores